Liebster Award – Revisited

My answers to Di's questions, which she kindly posted in response to her nomination, even though she doesn't particiate. Thank you so much for doing this!! Please visit her blog. You'll find write-ups about all kinds of topics, written with charm and humor.Without further ado, … Continue reading Liebster Award – Revisited

Blessed Be

Don't you wish For a shield, being Bombarded with noises Throughout the day? Ranging from Leaf blowers and sirens To people with their Public cell phone chatter Blessed be those Noise cancelling headphones Who cares, how silly They may make you look Your surroundings are … Continue reading Blessed Be

The End

The silence, icy cold Left one of them Chilled to the bone The other staring Nonchalantly into an Imaginary oblivion Sitting vis-à-vis Between them There is nothing Left to say Writing Prompt: Vis-À-Vis

Endless Battle

The devil made his Hellish-hot home In my head Encouraging me Time after time To be mean-spirited A sweet little angel Resides within the Vastness of my heart Gently caressing My empathetic part And so they fight Day in, day out While the angel whispers … Continue reading Endless Battle

kindred spirits

his loving heart is her fortress the steady beat her saving grace two souls whisper of longing and romance writing prompt: Three Things Challenge #270

here and now

put the mask on play along breathe deeply in out and perform to your best know-how ugh the here and now is such a drag dreaming of romance yet to be grants fragments of happiness and being free


sadness caught hold ferociously, it nudges me forward on my personal warpath with life and myself feelings won't be wrestled into written words today the spirit to fight waved good-bye left me to crawl obediently on my kness along this trail spiraling downward the depths … Continue reading warpath

getting ready

the stillness of this moment deceives not a square inch within is as calm as it may seem memories burried ever so deep threaten to tear down my frighteningly unstable floodgate with panic rising and a concrete block attached to my heart i'm getting ready … Continue reading getting ready


sometimes the pieces easily fall into place then sometimes they're oddly shaped so, where they belong gets me frustrated eager to finalize this mental puzzle, though you sneak the pieces in when i'm not looking don't you? sudden revelations pieces added out of the blue … Continue reading gotcha

in due time

all good things come to those, who wait i know beyond a shadow of doubt that waiting for you is worth it, tenfold happiness will be in due time unfortunately, patience is no virtue of mine


with my head in the clouds i twirl around the sweetest of daydreams creating future memories upon occasion you join in when we connect telepathically these moments bridge the gap between lonely days and our ardently longed for happiness