At 2 AM

Gazing up into

The night sky

I wonder, when

The stars will align

I dream of you

With eyes open wide

While the moon

Illuminates my

Innermost desire

Bittersweet moments of

Despair and longing

Keep me visualizing at

Two o’clock in the morning

Your love
is my happiness

Today’s inspiration: “2 AM” by Yusuke Teranishi | Source: YouTube

My Mind, The Vagabond

Just steering a

Beaten up pickup truck

Through a canyon

And if I should guess

I’m cruising leisurely

Somewhere in the US

My eyes roam about to

Take in the scenery

Along some highway

Without worry or knowledge

As to where it may lead


Charming cottages

Sparsely settled

Few and far between

Lush greenery

As far as my eyes

Allow for me to see

The wind carries chill

And dark clouds form

While I climb uphill

At the cliff’s edge, I observe

The approaching storm


It must be someplace in France

Where lavender fields

Embed a little old farmhouse

Its wrap around porch, aglow

By lanterns in soothing light

Smooth jazz softly playing

To ease a troubled mind

With a rocking chair and

A glass of red wine

Just peace and happiness

For a moment in time


Because my soul

Found its other half

And my heart feels

Safe and happy

In its forever home

Only my mind


Until you hold my hand

And come along

Care to mind-vagabond with me?

Today’s inspiration: “Flora” by Cairn | Source: YouTube

Violence In My Head

Aggression builds

Becomes increasingly

Difficult to control

The fight is lost

Another trigger


That spoiled brat

Living next door

Generously uses

All the words

With which he

Knows how to curse

And screams them

At the top of his lungs

Corroborated by

Trampling with his feet

On the ground

Only separated by a wall

I cover my ears

And close my eyes

While my heart rate

Is steadily on the rise

Neither imitation

Nor music help anymore

Trying to breathe

Becomes strenuous

His outbursts

Turned into fear

Because it causes pain

Every time he is here

I hate this violence

In my head, of

Blood splatters and

Vocal cords severed

A teenager frustrated

By an online game

Not willingly

Causing such torment

For me to

Battle in vain

Our Moments

Sweeter than thousands

Of candy hearts

More beautiful than

A gorgeous bouquet of

Rainbow colored flowers

So incredibly touching

Beyond Hallmark’s words

Are the moments

When the current runs

Through my entire body

Because we connect


And share images

Of our future happiness

My heart is always with you

Today’s inspiration: “Moonlit Dreams” by Z8phyR | Source: YouTube

Draw The Curtains

Take today and

Shove it into

Where the sun

Isn’t shining anyhow

Drab days in

Various shades

Of grey penetrate

The last nerve

Still remaining

Tears flow

Far too easily

Without a clearly

Discernible reason

Too tired of fighting

Melancholy today

Draw the curtains

And call it quits

Tomorrow is

A new chance

For happiness

Today’s inspiration: “All The Things” by Deni Sunrise | Source: YouTube

Profoundly Exhausting

Intrigued by

The depth

Of everything

I involuntarily

Exhaust people

Around me

They withdraw

In preference

To remain closer

To the surface

But superficiality

Is not my forte

The longing

For friendship

Lingers without

Much hope

For fulfillment

Today’s inspiration: “Reflections” by Lane 8 | Source: YouTube

Recurring Images

We’re drowning in

Each other’s eyes

Keep diving to

The deepest part

Where true love

And harmony reside

No, we never speak

Words would only

Distract from

The significance of

These moments

Recurring images

Hold such intimacy

They feel familiar

Safe and happy

We smile in unison

Awestruck and thankful

For this blessing

Called twin flame love

Today’s inspiration: “Nouveau” by Andrew Benson | Source: YouTube

How Would It Be

Take a moment

Let’s imagine

If even one third of

Our sweet dreams

And longings

Became reality

Are we prepared

For the impact

This amazing love

Between you and me

Would leave?

Could we appreciate

This magic in person

As we do now


Or would it end

In frustration

And overwhelm us


Mixed emotions

Leave me unsettled

And wondering

But my heart leads

The way and

I follow faithfully

Knowing that

It’s going to be okay

Today’s inspiration: “Follow Your Heart” by Alex H | Source: YouTube

Mind Caresses

So deeply rooted

Within me that

I sense you in every

Nook and cranny

Of my entire being

Not in a thousand years

Will I ever let go

Of this connection

Between you and me

Our telepathic moments

Filled with such

Bliss and harmony

Shared mental images

Of days yet to be

Wrap me in comfort

On occasions when

I feel lonely

Little fragments

Of happiness

Caress our minds

And whisper


Until we are united

And Again…

They were here

Just yesterday

Writings about

Love and dreams

Answers given

To questions

Brilliant writers

Thought to ask of

Bloggers like me

Now it’s gone

All of it


Insecurities and

Minor miseries

Took over my

Emotions for a

Period of time

Not foreseeable

So I’ll leave

Yet again to

Find a different

Kind of happiness

And to make peace

With another

Failed love quest